'68 J Code Power Steering Hoses


New Member
Oct 22, 2022
My wife and I recently took possession of a mostly original '68 Mustang that's been in her family for years. I'll start off by saying while I've spent my life in a garage working on other makes, Ford is a whole new beast for me. Feel free to assume I'm a clueless newbie as I don't know what common failure modes to look for.

After driving it around a few days I noticed a few leaks in the power steering and decided to replace all the hoses, not knowing their age. The pump seems original, or at least remanufactured original style. I picked up a full set of Scott Drake hoses as a lot of people indicated that the J Code 302 had a slightly different steering setup and the conventional hose would not fit.

I'm not sure everyone else's experience, however I've already blown through two hoses that run from the pump to the control valve. Both have been failures at the crimp and appear to me as manufacturing defects. I did order a hose from a different brand (unfortunately the name has slipped my mind) and confirmed what they believed to fit to be significantly too short.

Can anyone point me to a reliable brand for these steering hoses? Are there other potential issues I should be looking into which are causing these hoses to blow?
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