7.5 open diff problems


Founding Member
Mar 22, 2000
Houston, TX
I'm looking to buy a 1998 LX for my daughter. The guy says that the outer tire spins when the car goes around corners (when it's wet) and he has put new tires on it hoping that would solve the problem but, it hasn't. It is a 7.5 open diff with an auto trans. I have no idea of the gear size in it. Car is all stock.
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don't get on the gas hard when going around corners on wet pavement. sounds like he is trying to get to spin. I had a 95 v6 a few years back & it would get squirrly on wet pavement. come to think of it though....the inside tire was the one that would spin on mine. I never figured out why it would fishtail on wet pavement when only one wheel was spinning:shrug: