76 Bellhousing,flywheel, and LUK S.D. clutch set for sale!

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Dec 20, 2002
Newport, WA.
Don't have a II anymore so these parts aren't needed. 1975-up V8 flywheel good shape a little surface rust but nothing one or two swipes with a piece of sandpaper can't handle. 1976 302 cobra 4 speed bellhousing excellent shape. New LUK Super Brute clutch set includes pressure plate, disc, and throwout bearing a little surface rust from sitting. 1976 clutch fork. just about everything you need for a 4 speed conversion. $175.00 + shipping OBO. email at [email protected]
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Nov 1, 1999
Vancouver, WA
Errr... well the only thing I'm running right now, is running outta space. :)
Dad tells me the Mopars are causing the Fords to rust out and says I should get rid of them. He says cancer spreads quickly...lol.

I need to clone myself and plant a few money trees too. Let me know when you've figured out how to do that. So far I've been unsuccessful. :scratch:

Most of that stuff is a buncha junk. You know, retirement projects I'll still have after I'm dead sorta thing. I'm working on a web page that shows all this stuff. I'll post it up on my sig or something once it gets close. Computers and I don't play well together, so it takes me 4x longer than most.
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