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Mar 26, 2007
hey all, I picked up an 8 grand factory tack for a 67 or 68. I haven't seen to many 8 grand units, only in the 68 gt500 kr. Most I have seen is the 6 grand unit
Anyone know of the 8 grand applications? Value? How rare is it?

Thanks, COBRAGT3501966
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Is this the entire instrument panel and tach or just the tach gauge? Either way, if it's an original it's definitely very rare and would have only come with either the 289 Hi-Po (1967) or the 68 1/2 R codes. Dealers would add the 8K to the other combos (which is why some now might think their car would come from the factory that way). The 6K tach would have come with the 390 4 speeds and as an option with other V8 engine and transmission combos. Just add the 472 K codes from 67 and the 2827 R codes from 68 (total of 3299) plus the 67-68 Shelby GT350 and GT500 cars plus however many dealers installed the 8K and over the counter sales (both unknowns) minus the wrecked and trashed cars and you don't have very many being out there.