80's 351W heads modded to the max


Jan 26, 2010
hey all. Got a question. I had a 84' F150 with a 351W all stock.. I pulled the motor and sold the heads to a die hard Stang builder.. He took the heads to a shop i worked at, we swapped out the stock valves for stainless 2.02I and 1.6?E. new guides,seats, screw in studs and ported them out too 193cc with milled to 59cc combustion chamber.. this was about 10 years ago.. The 88 Gt hatch ran low to mid 6's in the 1/8th on motor.. he sold the 347 and went chevy, he only got to the hi 5's with 150 shot on a 383..Ha ha..:lol:

my friend bought the heads from him and ran them for about 2 months then went with TF heads cause people kept telling him they were better since they were aluminum high flow heads.:shrug: whatever... bad news- There was no HP change in the head swap. RWHP was 287 on a stock bottom end 93 5.0 and TF intake and some other mods..

these heads have been sitting in plastic just waiting to be cleaned and used.. Anyone ever maxxed out a set of 351 heads? i am just wondering if these are gonna be worth the $100 for the heads and the $100 for the machine shop to go through them??

i personally prefer iron over aluminum.. thats why i am considering these. any opinions or info would be helpful.. Thanks
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I will post to ONLY run up a red flag of caution here :eek:
for you when using old OEM 351 iron heads :)

I say that cause I can't remember specific details :bang:
IIRC it seems like the 4 V heads had very big chambers :scratch:
You end up with not enough compression :notnice:

Anyway ... something you might wanna check out :shrug:

Ok got the tag :(:(. i cant read all the machine tag specs & notes too well. its all kinda blurry. the tag got wet somewhere along the line. i dont have the heads yet.

This is exactly as the card reads

SB Windsor heads
matched set
stamped seal V8#1,803
Full port chambers, pockets & I&E runner.
Match to Fel-pro gasket#90361
Wall tolerance:3/32

Finished specs:

Valves: Intake-2.02---Exhaust-1.60 to 1.80?------Intake runner:?

Rocker studs:7/16-20 X 1.90"---------------------Exhaust:?

Deck mill:.28-------------------------------------Pocket:?

Chamber:58cc-----------------------------------Bench flow:?

By the gasket set the heads are ported out to 1.25 by 2.01 for the intake runners.

His factory numbers were 198rwhp and 211rwtq..I thought that 287RWHP on a 93 5.0 5spd 150k stock short block with these mods were pretty good numbers.:shrug:All the mods were- trickflow intake, x303 cam, roller rockers, cobra mass and fuel system, and hedman headers w/offroad x-pipe. he went to the Trickflow twisted wedge heads from these and he gained like 2 or 3TQ but hp stayed the same..

I was thinking of doing this exact combo on a 347 or a supercharged mild 331 with a different intake..

i have my eye on a complete set of aftermarket iron heads 190, 58cc combustion, valves 2.02/1.70 .. they are gonna run me $700

where as these are only gonna be like $250 total ,thats including valve job and deck lvl (if needed).. seems to me i will have the same thing I am already interested in..