81 mustang 3.3 200 i6 help


May 28, 2021
Ok I am totally confused. I got my hands on a 81 mustang 45000 miles new interior rims and tires and new paint 1000$. Only problem is it sat sense 2011 with gas in it. So wanted to hear it crank over needed battery and started. After making sure she wasn't locked up or anything did it. Then pulled the carb and fuel tank blew out the lines. Cleaned the carb tearing it down then put it in my ultrasonic cleaner. Put carb back together cleaned out the filter on the carb. Then drained and cleaned the fuel tank with muratic acid and water combination. Tank down to bare metal replaced all grommets on the tank along with with sending unit. Well found out mechanical fuel pump wasn't working. Replaced had fuel at carb slight leak at the filter. Nothing keeping it from running but I'm missing a couple vaccum lines that I'm not sure where they go. Can take pics later. But main issue why ain't the fuel squirting in my carb my car will run if u feed it fuel from a bottle but won't get fuel inside the carb. I'm stumped idk if it's vaccum related or electronic or something in the carb I have no idea but I checked everything in the carb before reassembly and it was clean. Any help would be appreciated.
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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
Mod Dude
Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
I don't know what fuel filter used but is the direction of flow correct?
Disconnect the fuel line at the pump and crank the engine, is fuel pumping out?
If yes, the needle valve may be stuck, tap on the carb bowl while cranking and pump the throttle once in a while, does it start squirting fuel?