86 Caster/camber Plates Install ?


Founding Member
Apr 30, 2002
Im installing bbk caster/camber plates on my 86 5.0 lx coupe. (part #2525) I started of with the spacer provided, rubber on bottom of strut cover(bump stop), strut cover, and rubber on top of cover, and my threads dident clear the top bushings. After messin with it for a while i'm down to strut/cover/frame, and now I have about a 1/4inch thread on top of the strut bolt. It looks off, like im going to dent my hood when i tighten every thing up?

Did anyone else have this problem? and if so how do you have it set up? Before anyone asks I have lowering springs, and after market struts on my car

This all started when I took her for a drive last week. It was a nice day and she,s been in the garage all winter. I must have hit a good size pot hole because now she pulls to the right. I figured since I need a alignment, it would be a good time to put c/c plates on.
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