86 gt knocking


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Nov 5, 2007
last friday my 86 gt starting with a rather loud knocking noise, when i hit it with a stethoscope it was definitly coming from the top end, when i pulled the upper and lower intake and valve covers i found 4 lifters that were not pumping up. I replaced all 16 lifters and pushrods, put everything back together, and drove it for over 70 miles today with no problems or noises, i go to start the thing tonight and it suddenly it's knocking again, once again sounding like the top end. Also i believe this is separate the car will run like complete **** with the spout connector plugged in, timing is set at base 10 degrees and the module is new.

If anyone has been through this before or has any insight for me, id greatly appreciate it


p.s. all parts used were directly from ford
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well i fixed the knock, a rocker wasn't tightened down good enough and i guess it work itself loose. but the car still will run like **** if i have the spout connector plugged in and runs fine with it unplugged. timing is set at base 10. does anyone know what could cause that, module is new, coil is new.