89 5.0 that dont run like it should


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Apr 10, 2010
i bought a 89 5.0 that has all ready been built. its got a keitk craft 306 built for nos it has a 175 hp plate on it eledrbrock rpm heads and intake a mastermind and msd 6al a tremak 5 spd stedea clutch ajustable uppers and lower links in the back with 410 posi..the car sat for 4 yrs the moter and dreive trane has allways been on synthetecs .i changed the tank and added a255lphpumpcleaned all the lines. it runs great but how fast should it go in the 1/4.?it went mid 13,s with wheel spin through 3rd and no nos. it wouldnt work ?but im going to try agin this weekend and see what happens.it might get sold if it dont start doing better.lol what are the best tires to hook up.the guy i bought it off ,said it ran low 11,s? how??? did i get ripped off,or what should i do.my first ford. i had lots of ss model chevys that were fast.whats a girl suppost to do?
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Mid 13s spinning the tires through 3 gears is good I'd say, put some sticky tires on that and your 12s really easy, what was your trap speed? just a 1/4 mile time doesn't say much. Post what the entire slip said r/t to 60', 330', etc etc....up to 1/4 time and speed
Seems like with that combo high-twelves shouldn't be out of the question even without the juice. Sounds like you definately have a traction problem, so better tires / slicks would help for sure. Don't go back to the GM SS please (Government Motors Super Sloppy) !
reaction .1172 60ft2.1088 330ft5.8281 1/8 8.8435 1/8mph82.52 1/4 13.4367 @103.40 .im going back tonight ,got the nos working.but still got ****ty tires.ill get better ones next week.what size should i get and type?im going to beat the **** out of it tonight.