93 5-lug Conversion


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Jul 26, 2013
I'm currently working on restoring my 93 hatch and I want to convert it to 5-lug wheels and put disc brakes all around. I was wondering if I could just put the front brake assembly and complete rear axel in my car from a 94-98 gt mustang. I know the rear axel from those years are 1.5 inches wider than the fox mustang but will it still bolt in without issues and also I'm looking to put the fr500 wheels on my fox also and want to go with 17x9 in the front and 17x10.5 in the rear. Will those work with this combination?
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I agree there is plenty to read and I think even a perma link under FAQ's. But sometimes a straight answer is nice though, especially when you end up confused after reading that many posts. I still am not sure what years my extra PBR front brakes and spindles are off of, and I read most of the search results.
To make a long story short, yes you could do that, but you won't get 10.5" rear wheels out back if you leave the stock sn95 axles

Plenty of info out there, time to do so,me research
96 and up spindles will widen the front wheel base quite a bit. 94 95 spindles are the way to go. 10.5 fr500's rub everything on my car and is annoying and going to sell them soon. 10.5 on a fox body = big ass hammer and die grinder and patients. Just my experience with them
With that rear you'll have to order some 17x10.5's in a S197 offset to keep them inside the quarter, but they'll still be RIGHT TO THE EDGE. Too low or a spring and you'll scrape rubber.
its the setup I run. I was trying to post a pic but the damn think client boxes at work are slooooowwwww.
IMHO it has to be something you really really want. the work that it takes is immense and the performance is nill. Great for a show car, less than optimal for anything that will see inclines, sharp curves, or has passengers in the back seat. If I was to do it over again I would have sprung for some 9" 10th anny wheels and called it a day.
Yeah, I totally agree with you guys. I wouldn't go thru this big hassle. Hell I run 275's on my stock 17x9 wheels on the Terminator making 600rwph and I don't feel I need 10.5's and 315's. LOL. It does look mean, but yes, not practical.