93 cobra with 20's, it's not as bad as one would think...


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Aug 8, 2003

Ran across this, looking for something else.
Personally i like the car
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Aug 8, 2003
and did he really swap the original Cobra for a GT40? Geez
If I had a 93 cobra and wanted to mod it, I would do all ford parts catalog build, that would include a real Gt40 intake.
No intake looks better. No it may not improve performance, but at least it looks good. I'd have the lower port matched to a set of mildly worked X heads.

As for the 20's, would I do it? Of course not.
But I don't hate it.
I do think 93 cobra's should always wear their original wheels, just sucks they are 4 lug (can they be drilled for 5 lug?

Clearly people do like the car (I realize it's not for everyone), 18 different bidders, 25 grand with nearly 7 days to go.
That's a chunk of change for any foxbody.


My dad had a bra
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Sep 5, 2001
Seaside, CA
Yup. To each their own. I like the Cobra emblem and intake more.

I really like the GT40 too, though. Would never go through the swap, even on a non Cobra, with an explorer/Cobra intake as there's no performance advantage but substantial cost.
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Wayne Waldrep

Before I post a pic, do you have one of yours?
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Apr 14, 2003
Cuba, AL
I did not think I would like that. I was wrong. That's pretty nice looking. Looks tastefully done. Love that hood and miss mine like that!! Oh, and one particular picture is much nicer than the rest for some reason.;)
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