93 GT issue with A/C and blinkers not working!

Zero Signal

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Feb 24, 2003
Tucson, AZ
Ok so I assume this is a fuse issue but I have no idea where the fuse for this circiut may be. My girlfriend's 93 GT has been having problems with loosing the A/C and blinkers sporradicly. SOMETIMES they will work. The dome light also doesn't work. I want to think there is a fuse that's blown but not completely and is possibly making contact or perhaps something is dangling and randomly making connection. I checked all the fuses I could find with a continuity tester and they're all fine. What gives? Is there some hidden fuse or connection in the dash somewhere that all this is hooked too? Thanks for the help guys. I feel kind of wierd posting outside the 94-95 forum :flag:
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I agree with the above thoughts. The HVAC fan and blinkers are two tells on an ig switch going bad (they were a troublesome item and part of a campaign). The last one I got was from the dealer for 20 bucks.

Here's an article about replacing the switch. Note the need for a tamperproof torx bits, like you use to remove your MAS.

In case they're needed, here are a few diagrams. Thanks to S&2B's (site host) and Tom Moss (author):



This diagram has all your fusible links too.

Good luck John.