93 lx vert top question.


New Member
Jan 18, 2007
I just brought home a nice 93 vert. It has a glass back window which has a top zipper. The seller told me you need to unzip and lay the glass down in the well, then put the top down.

The prob lem I have is the window is very difficult to zip back in. I had to prop up the top about 12" from the front window to get the zipper to finally work.

Is it required to remove the glass each time? Seems like a pain, especially if I want to run to the store or somewhere quick and park the car.

Any tips?

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I am not unzipping it everytime.. I just bought the car today.. My first vert.

The seller told me to unzip it.. he did. My wife and I thought there must be an easier way. I am glad I won't need to drop that window everytime.

Just checking... to be sure.

I probably should have read the original owners manual.. it was in the glove box and says to not remove the glass when the top is down because it could cause damage. "The window must be zipped in place"

Thanks for the help.