SOLD 94-04 Black 18x9 Sve Drift Wheels / Nitto 555's - Like New

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So early last year through a deal with a well known car show for work on their website, I scored a set of SVE Drift Wheels for my 03 V6.

I drove on them maybe 3500 miles, and ended up finding a really good deal on a 2012 v6 so I upgraded. I did not include the wheels/tires on the trade-in. Unfortunately since they don't fit the 2012, they've been sitting in the garage, and I've just never got around to selling them. Which brings us to now.

SO. Here's the details:

4 - 18x9 Black SVE Drift wheels
4 - 275/35/18 Nitto Nt555 tires

Like I said, the tires have about 3500 miles on them. I've made sure to move them around since they've been in storage to avoid any damage/flat spots/etc. The wheels themselves are perfect.

Looking for $1200, but open to offers.

I'm near Nashville, TN. I'd prefer not to have to ship them, but we can discuss that, or me meeting you.


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