SOLD 2003 Mach 1 in Black - 60k Miles - T56 - Street/Road Course Setup


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Oct 3, 2018
New Jersey
2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 in Black. Located in East Windsor, NJ 08520. Just rolled over 60,000 miles on the chassis, 15,000 on engine, 1,000 on trans. Asking $14,000.

I've had the car for about 8 years and only put 15k miles on it. I used it for some HPDE type road course events down at NJMP a handful of times over the last few years. It was tuned at Big Daddy Performance in Lakewood, NJ and made 336whp/342wtq (graph in imgur album link below). Been on the fence for awhile on whether or not to put more work into it (like an IRS) but I'm looking at a new truck so the Mach (plus my lovely old Toyota) would need to go. The Cobra R Wheels/Toyo Tires or 3.73 Gear Kit don't need to be included with the sale if you don't want them.

Car runs great and pulls hard. Took it out for a good drive and errands today with no problems. I usually alternate daily-ing it and my truck depending on weather.

(Rebuilt shortly after I bought the car by Fonse Performance in NJ so about 15k miles on engine now. Omg that machining/labor bill..)
  • ARP Stud Kit
  • Manley "Platinum Series" Flat Top Pistons
  • Manley H-Beam Rods
  • Manley Nextek Valve Springs
  • MMR/IWIS Secondary Chains
  • Melling High Volume Oil Pump I believe? (Told them to, they said they did, invoice is not itemized. It was the only part I didn't buy myself.)
  • Canton Racing "Road Race" Oil Pan + Windage Tray
  • MMR Remote Oil Filter Relocation + Remote Mount
  • Earl's Remote Oil Thermostat
  • Mocal/Setrab 16 Row 235mm Oil Cooler
  • LCM Head Cooling Mod
  • SVE Aluminum Radiator
  • JLT Intake
  • SCT/Bama SF3/X3 Tuner
  • Ford Racing Coil Covers

  • SLP Long Tube Headers
  • BBK H-Pipe
  • SLP Loudmouth 2 Cat-Back

  • Tremec Cobra T-56 - Stage 1 Rebuild by Tick Performance - January 2017
  • 26 Spline Input Shaft
  • SPEC Billet Aluminum Flywheel
  • Exedy Mach 400 Stage 1 Clutch Kit
  • Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft
  • Ford Racing 4.10 Rear Gear (I also have a whole install kit for 3.73 gears sitting here)
  • Steeda Tri-Ax Short Shifter

  • H&R Super Sport Springs
  • Maximum Motorsports Camber/Caster Plates
  • Maximum Motorsports Full Length Weld-In Subframe Connectors

  • Stoptech/Centric Rotors
    Hawk HP+ Brake Pads
  • Goodridge & J&M Stainless Steel Lines Front & Back
  • 2" Brake Ducts

  • SVE FR500 Style Steering Wheel (Original wheel was gross and disintegrating)
  • STACK Pro-Control Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp Gauges (Oil Temp just recently stopped working? Haven't figured out why but I think it's just a wire.)
  • JVC Headunit (I also have original headunit)

  • American Muscle SC Wheels 17x9, 17x10 I believe
  • Sumitomo HTR-Z Tires 275 Front / 315 Rear
  • Genuine Cobra R Wheels (Okay shape, one needed minor welding on lip when I bought it)
  • Toyo Proxes R888 275/35/18s on the Cobra R Wheels (Handful of track events. Still tread left. Stored indoors)

Misc Notes:
  • Fuel Pump Replaced w/ Delphi Unit after original failed @ 54k miles.
  • ABS Pump/Modulator thing replaced after that started acting up.
  • A/C Accumulator replaced and system recharged. Blows cold.
  • Front Bumper Cover paint is not good and cover is slightly damaged. Back in 2012, story involving a deer, a beautiful repair job and update to '99 Cobra Bumper, then a dumb mistake a week later, bumper cover was slightly damaged again and I just poorly repainted it myself. Body work is not my area of expertise. There was never any serious damage to the structure or anything, just scratched paint and such. I have pictures of the deer damage if you need to see it.
  • Exterior is the only not-that-great part. Some TLC/good detail/paint restoration would do it wonders if you're into that sort of thing.
Link to the Imgur album with these pictures plus a couple more: Imgur Album










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Oct 3, 2018
New Jersey
Doesn't look like I can edit the original post anymore? Car still available. $14,000 OBO

Updates & Other Notes:
  • Fresh NJ Inspection Sticker good til 4/21. Passed legit and did not pay for it.
  • Thick folder of paperwork for parts and labor since I've owned it.
  • Blackstone Laboratories oil report a few thousand miles after the engine was rebuilt. Good results. (I should've done it now but with an impromptu oil change, I didn't think of it)
  • Fresh Oil Change (10+ quarts Castrol 5w-30 Synthetic)
  • STACK Oil Temp Gauge working again.
  • Rear Defroster repaired.
  • I believe I have a whole second set of brake rotors and pads I was using on the street but just left the track stuff on.
  • Various other left over parts from maintenance/mods.
  • Oil pressure is around 30 psi at hot idle, 90~ @ 3000+ RPM.

I can get compression numbers if people want them but I'd need a weekend with decent weather to do it. Car has about 60,700 miles on it at the moment. I may end up selling the 3.73 gear kit or Cobra R Wheels/Toyo Tires separately.