94 Head Gasket??


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Mar 21, 2014
94 3.8 v6. Took to local ford. They remanned the head did head gaskets. Water pump. Etc. Got it back n told them something wasn't right. Shaking idle too high. Sounfed funny. Etc. Month n half later. Didn't want to shift. Loud exhaust (previously very quiet.) Doin 65 loud pop lost power coasted to side of road. Loud noises spitting fluid out tailpipe. Smoking..... my guess they didn't seal the gaskets properly and I blew them. Am I correct??? N if so how do I go about it. Shouldnt they hav to fix it. They had it almost 2 months and over 3grand worth of work. It should b a perfect running car right?!?!
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I towed d it onto their lot last nite. Called this am n the idiot didn't even see her settin there... right out side their bay doors. No other cars near it. I'm tempted to take it somewhere else. A friend looked at it last nite n was all sorts of bent outta shape cuz of wag they did to it. I know my car decently well. Almost 3 years and 8g into her I ought to. But watever they did didnt fix her. She's worse off now.