95 GT vert cat-back opinions


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Sep 16, 2002
I'm looking at the following cat-backs for my 95 GT vert;
1. Ford Racing M5230M51 Stainless steel pipe & SS 3" tip, $280, said to be slightly louder than stock.
2. Mac Tru-fit TK7995 Black dura pipe, Stainless steel 3" tip, $320, said to be very loud.
3. Flowmaster force II FL-17214a, aluminized pipe, stainless steel 2.5" tip, said to be between the first two in loudness.

I plan to add a Mac O/R H-pipe at the same time, so I think this will louden things up.

My gut is to go with the Ford Racing setup with the Mac H-pipe.

Any words of wisdom or obvious things I may have missed?

I want authority without being too loud; this is a cruiser.

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Feb 5, 2004
Killeen, Texas
go to mustangexhaust.com and register, then you can browse through TONS of exhaust clips, they should help you in your decision. Keep in mind, pretty much ANYTHING you pick is gonna be pretty loud once you throw on that h-pipe. I've heard that Force II is kinda crappy, but I don't know for sure. You can't go wrong with MAC, their new black paint or whatever it is they use to coat their exhaust is pretty nice. Don't know about the FRPP