96 cobra pouring oil thru intake & exhaust!


New Member
Apr 9, 2008
Hey fellas, i have a 96 cobra that has 27000 miles on it running a vortech v-1, anderson power pipe, off road H-pipe, flowmasters with tailpipes. The car pulls 9-10 lbs of boost when ran hard. My problem starts here......I had a check engine light coming on and had it hooked up to find a bad O2 sensor on the drivers side. I replaced all the 02's and the light was out for maybe 30 miles. I had it checked again to find another 02 sensor was fouled on the drivers side. I drove the car like this for 4-500 miles. One day i had the itch to make a full throttle run from 2nd
gear through 4th. I have my shift light set @ 6550 rpm. The car took off and ran up to the shift light in 2nd and 3rd fine. I shifted to 4th ran the car up to about 115 mph and i fealt a big hesitation and loss of power. The car was smoking out of the exhaust like Uncle Bucks POS!! I drove it home with no loss of oil pressure and the car stayed in it's normal water temp. range, but the car would not idle. One walk around and i noticed the drivers side tailpipe had oil dripping out! I pulled the intake off and noticed oil had passed all the way up to the supercharger as well. I have since pulled the engine apart down to the block. The heads looked fine, the cyl. walls looked fine and the only thing i found was a small chunk of metal in the back cyl. on the drivers side. I am going to pull the engine out completely and check the lower end. Could the piston have a hole in the skirt? How else could i be getting oil into this cylinder? I didn't do a comp. check, but that cylinder was full of oil when i pulled the plugs for inspection. Any ideas or similar experiences????

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