96 mustang air bag


New Member
Jun 19, 2006
have a 96 stang and the air bag light is on it blinks and then stays on, the only thing ive tried is disconnecting the bat for a few mins but that didn't work what would you say or where should i start thanks
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On the 94-95 cars you can jump a connecter under the glove box to retrieve the code. But they are obd1. Not sure if 96 has a way to do that without using a scan tool on the obd2 connecter. I have a snap on mt2500 scanner that does airbag codes. They usually sell used for around $500. Most shops charge between 1/2 to 1 hour labor for 5 min. of work to give you the code. Call around and get some prices. usually its something simple to fix. Even low battery voltage can trip the light. It may just need reset. Good luck and keep us posted.