98 Ford Mustang Gt Engine Light Codes Po141 And Po304

The engine light is on and reads codes po141 and po304. Ford dealership told me it was intake manifold leak. They changed oil and oil looks clean. The car is hesitating more on acceraltion it seems and the engine light has started to blink a couple of times going up hills. The estimates for intake manifold/gasket are 1000. Wondering if anyone has had similar problem and if could be easier fix, maybe just the coils? Not experienced mechanic and just trying to find helpful information before I take it to another mechanic.
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Malfunction of oxygen sensor bank 1 number 2 and a misfire of cylinder number 4; Google to double check. Seems like it is time for a tune up such as sparkplugs and coils. 1000 for an intake? If that is the case; do it your self and get a Ford Racing lower intake and gaskets.
po304 is a misfire on cly 4 which is on the passengers side of the motor last one at the back remove the coil make sure theres no water down in the spark plug hole this is a known issue were the hose right above the number 4 cly will leak down into it if there isnt anywater down in it then take number 3 coil next to # 4 coil and replace #4 with #3 coil if the coil is bad then the error code should now read p0303 instead of po304 but i can tell you from my own exp the number 4 coil is bad just go get a new one youll be glad you did 40 something for a new one at autozone or oreillys

and P0141 points to a bad 02 censor
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If the intake manifold is leaking then you probably have water in the #4 plug well. The manifold isn't really a hard fix but it does take some knowledge and simple tools. Try to find a shade tree mechanic that will do it cheaper.