98 gt auto -- 3.73s or 4.10s ??


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Mar 14, 2003
Long Island
Hey everyone, I just wanted to get some advice on which would be better for me. I drive the car alot on the highway and constantly cruise around 80 and above and am very worried about my revs being to high at that range with 4.10s. I guess I'm just worried about the 4.10s being to much. I wanna get 3.73s but all i keep hearing on this forum is that 4.10s are so much better and really wake the car up (especially in an auto).

in other words, I FEAR THE GEAR :bang:

please help me with the decision :flag:


98 gt auto
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Not to be disagreeable or flaming anyone with 4.10s but I like my 3.73s. I don't run at the track, just a daily driver and the 3.73s were, imho, a good choice. If you plan to hit the track, then 4.10s would be better (so you cross the line at a higher rpm/power level).

With 3.73s at 70 mph, the engine runs at about 2300 rpm (and would be about 2500 rpm with 4.10s). I don't think that this is much of a difference. FWIW, gas mileage dropped by about 1 mpg on average (3.08s to 3.73s). Again, not a big deal.

More importantly, traction at launch will be tricky with 4.10s if you keep the stock tires. If you plan on driving in wet or snowy weather, 4.10s might not be the best choice.
There is always the 3:90's if you cant decide between those two. I went with the 3:73's myself. Decide on what tire your going to use and pick a gear from there. Even with the tires I run, the 3:73's will spin them real good. So 4:10's would have been terrible. When I had the stock tires on it, the 3:73's were to much for anykind of traction.. :nonono:
I have a headswapped 96GT I feared the gear and went 373 one month later I went to 410 they are great :hail2: I drive 10 miles at 70ish to and from work each day and go on longer trips each week. Traction is not un managable. GET THE 410s you will never look back :p
PS I do have a set of 373 for sale
I know if you go with 4.10's your going to regret it. I just got 3.90's put in my car the other day and I love them. I was thinking about going with 4.10 but got 3.90 instead and i love them. If I would have went with 4.10 I know I would be kicking myself in the ass. 3.90's are a nice medium. :hail2:
I have an auto ,I drive a total of 70 miles a day on the highway 6 days a week.I decided on the 4.10's.I absolutely love them,best mod yet.I live in florida where the average speed on the highway is 70 to 90 mph.I cruise to work between 70 and 75mph I rev at 2600 to 2800. and besides with a shift kits ,it truely rocks.The 1-2 shifts sends the rear to the side.I'm so glad I went with the 4.10's.It makes the car all around more fun to drive and a lot more pep. :nice:
Definitly 3.90's,Igot 3.73's lastTues. I do ALOT of highway driving,the revs when Im going anywhere from 60--80 mph arent bad at all I wish I went 3.90's,I have an aod,they have more overdrive then a 5-speed!!