98 gt mach 460 problem

basically i bought a 98 spring edition gt vert last week with 56,000 miles (gotta love the old lady's who never drive) anyways, i am getting no sound from the door speakers or the rear speakers, i only get sound from all 4 tweeters, i do have an pioneer premiere headunit installed but it was doing the same thing before i installed this. i have searched and come to the conclusion that it is either the fuse under the hood or the amps behind the rear seat.....i was just wondering if it could be something else that i need to look for? if it does turn out to be the amps would i come out better just using a 4 channel aftermarket amp? thanks guys
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It wouldn't suprise me in the least if its the amps. I have the same yr vert and I had quite a bit of water damage on those amps when I replaced them with a Alpine marine grade amp. The fuse will be eaiser to check, but all you have to do to check the amps is pop the rear seat.