98 Mustang Gt Inner & Outer Tire Rods

Marc Michel

New Member
Mar 18, 2014
I recently got 2 brand new tires for the front end of my ride. The shop I went to did not tell me that my inner and outer tire rods are extremely loose and need replacing. When I went to get an alignment I was told it couldn't be done because of this issue. How long do I have until I totally mess up my new tires? Can this be problematic?
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Instead of replacing inner tie rods, may I recommend you save yourself a huge PITA and get a rebuilt steering rack. I went through the trouble of replacing inners once. Shortly thereafter I realized that I unknowingly damaged a seal inside the rack during the repair. It started leaking and I had to replace the whole rack anyway. Lost a bunch of money and time on doing the inner tie rods.