99-04 Coilovers on an 86 GT?

Is there a way to use 99-04 coilovers on an 86 GT? I am aware of the 3 bolt plates on the fox vs the 4 bolt plates at the top of the front struts on the 99-04 but was wondering if there was any way to drill a hole to use those coilovers? Found some coilovers for $150 but don’t want to let the dude know I’m interested in them if they won’t work.
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Mar 2, 2015
The camber caster plates have no affect on the coil overs. Plates for a 79 to 93 are cheap enough that it doesn't make real since to use sn95 plates.

The struts are interchangeable. The plates will have to be designed for coil over use.


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Feb 18, 2001
For $150, I'd get them and sell the C/C plates off. Get the correct ones for your car, don't try to rig this as all the weight of your front end is now going to be supported by them.

As for the difference between fox and Sn95 struts, the fox struts are about 1" shorter. This means on a fox, you'll lose 1" of travel. If you are lowered, this could be an issue.

Ideally...you should really run fox struts and fox caster camber plates. If they are in decent shape, for $150 buy the setup and part it out on ebay. Can probably double your money
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