Ultimate 5-lug swap thread - new/updated

I searched this thread and did not see where you mention that there are two different thread pitch banjo bolts on the Cobra and Mach 1 front calipers. If I remember correctly the thread pitches are M10 x 1.00 and M10 x 1.50. I also want to say that 94-2002 are fine thread and somewhere in the 2003 production year they switched to the coarse thread on the Cobras but all the Mach 1's were coarse thread.

Only mention this as it seems to come up in a lot of threads dealing with the swap. This site has a bunch of parts for this swap and the bolting is at the bottom of the page:

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What am I looking at? This is my son's fox. It's getting a 5 lug swap at a buddies shop. We believe this is 03-04 Cobra setup. I had a little trouble trying to measure the rotor on the car but I think it's 13 inches. I thought all the Cobra calipers said Cobra? Anyway my main question is what's the best way (or pretty good just order it kit way) and what's the OEM parts swap master way to connect to the factory hard line. The OEM rubber line we have seems kinda short. We have an auto parts store piece of hard line and fitting that fit the body side of the soft line. Ideally I want to be able to swing by the junk yard tomorrow and grab everyones favorite soft lines. Then hit Napa grab a couple fittings and be driving it home tomorrow night. Using whatever is currently installed if not Cobra stuff replace later.


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Those are 13” cobra stuff. That looks like an 03/04 Mach 1 caliper, which won’t say cobra. Often, a lot of parts store calipers also don’t say cobra.

For junkyard hoses, 99-04 Mustang lines are all the same so if you can spot a 99-04 v6 the hoses will work. You will need the 7828 adapter on pass side.
I run SN95 rear axles with 1/4" spacers and S197 (45mm offset) wheels. Also running SN95 front LCA's.

IMO--The stock fox booster works great when paired with 94-98 Cobra brakes (38mm pistons)/MC. The Cobra MC diameter is close enough to stock to retain excellent pedal feel.
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For 4 eyed cars, there's another direct fit master cylinder option that I didn't see listed. Forgive me if I missed it somewhere else.

1973 LTD/Ranchero
RAYBESTOS Part # MC36397 Bore Size=1" Number of Ports=2
Primary Outlet Size=9/16x18 Secondary Outlet Size=1/2x20}
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