99 Mustang V6 fuel problem?


New Member
Sep 28, 2021
Hello Everybody,

Id like to start off by saying ive put 3 probably 4 new fuel pumps in this car (starting to lose track) and every time I do it starts like a dream. I park it, then the next day it wont start again and I cant hear the fuel pump prime when I turn the key so I just replace it again (sounds stupid I know) But like I said when I do the car starts like a dream. But recently I replaced the pump again, car moved under its own power everything checked out, parked it overnight, tried to start it the next morning and nothing. But this time its different, I can hear the pump prime. I took the line that leads to the fuel rail off so I can see the fuel squirt out of the line like 90. When I first got the car I could see it come out as a constant stream of fuel so i knew it was mint. But now it only squirts out for a second then stops. I haven't replaced the filter, I got a new one and tried to replace it but the lines are just so hard to get off its insane, its also so rusted underneath someone just zip tied it to the frame so its a b**** to get at. But im thinking this is the problem but im not totally sure. The inertia switch is off so I know it isnt that either. There are no other mods on the car, its bone stock. Brand new battery. The theft light comes on when I turn the key so everything else seems normal, I get spark ect. My dad is also a "mechanic" of the sort and is baffled as well. Please help all i want to do is drive it and enjoy it. Thanks.
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