99 radio headunit

I did a search and didnt find an answer so this is the reason for my thread

Is there anyway to replace my 2 unit radio system (tape player and cd) for one of the newer ones (with 6disc cd changer)????
Do they sell pigtails or a kit to convert?

I know Im going to have to replace the trim or bezel around it...but can this be done?
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It's been done, but there is a lot of work involved.

Just off the top of my head you'll need to requre your fog lights, rear defrosted and traction control (if equipped) and relocate them since they are all under the radio on the newer cars with the 6-disk. That will mean a new gauge cluster trim peice and new shifter and radio cluster trim.

As for mounting the radio, i am unsure since the radio actually bolts to a metal frame with 2 bolts on the bottom. This frame is non-existant on the 2-radio cars so it will need to be modified.

I've seen it done, but it's also a lot of work