9in rear end w/disc brakes [Parking Brake]


Jul 30, 2019
I'm needing some input as to what all is needed for the parking brake to function properly after installing the new retrofit brackets from https://www.mustangsteve.com/cobrabrakeshtml/ and calipers on my 9in. It came from factory with disc brakes (Lincoln Versailles) mounted. I've seen you're supposed to hack the handle up on the spring area and what not?!?! Hoping someone else has already done this and give some insight.


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Jul 30, 2019
Oh nice! That's a lot better than what I seen browsing the web. LMR I think had a video on how to do it by cutting and welding spring pawl.


i'm familiar with penetration
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Feb 18, 2001
That’s how you used to have to do it.

Then ford had a recall due to the brake slipping due to the self adjuster not fully engaging so they designed that little lock to lock the adjuster. Same concept as welding but much easier to do. Plus you can remove it and adjust tension later from inside the car if needed.

But old habits die hard and some people still weld.

That clip used to cost under $1, but pricing has gone up.

Part number 1R3Z-2A753-BA

Cheapest I’ve found although if you go to a boneyard, any 94-04 manual trans mustang will have it on the lever. It was a recall on 94-01 cars and factory installed on 02-04s

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Mar 2, 2015
Wow mine was 2 bucks last year from Ford.
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