disc brake conversion

  1. V

    Brakes 1985 Mustang Front Cobra Brake Conversion

    Hey everyone. I have a 1985 notchback. Previous owner swapped brakes from a 1992 5.0 onto this and now I’m doing a 5 lug cobra conversion. I’ve done the fronts and then had to take the car to a shop for some work. By the time I get it back I don’t think I’ll have enough time to do the rears...
  2. J

    Drivetrain Rear disc brake conversion

    I have a 91 5.0 mustang and I have rear drums with 5 lug axles will these axles work for a rear disc brake conversion or will I have to get some 94-98 axles
  3. ZeroFoxGiven

    9in rear end w/disc brakes [Parking Brake]

    I'm needing some input as to what all is needed for the parking brake to function properly after installing the new retrofit brackets from https://www.mustangsteve.com/cobrabrakeshtml/ and calipers on my 9in. It came from factory with disc brakes (Lincoln Versailles) mounted. I've seen you're...
  4. ZeroFoxGiven

    Fox Please help identify these brake calipers

    Can't seem to find the correct pads for the calipers I have. They are supposed to be for a 2003 Cobra. PBR Castings part #K247-047C 2 Different sets of pads 2 different brands and neither Brands fit! The Spring clips are spaced too wide apart and they don't fit inside the pistons. One set are...
  5. annchen

    1968 Convertible With 1996 Gt Disc Brakes...?

    Hello folks, I'm brand new to the Forum, and have had my Mustang now for about five years. I recently came into a heap of parts, for a nice deal, and have jumped the car forward a bit in the total restoration process. Just to keep everyone on the same page, I have a 1968 Mustang Convertible...
  6. M

    Expired Foxbody 5 Lug - Disc Brake Conversion Parts

    I have for sale everything you need to convert a Fox to 5 lug and rear disc brakes except the axles, and the brake lines. Spindles- Two sets to choose from: - '94 spindles with no hubs or dust shields. -'03 spindles with hubs and dust shields. Front brake calipers and rotors came off a '95 V6...
  7. B

    '68 Convertible Suspension & Brakes Updating

    @rbohm mentioned in another thread that to do suspension updates and repairs correctly the whole car needs to be considered as a complete system. I've been searching the internet for the last few weeks trying to decide on parts to buy but wanted to ask for advice before ordering anything. The...