A few vids from our recent club dyno day...

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Apr 10, 2002
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Thanks guys! The Lightning's a/f was pretty lean so it should pickup some with a tune.

I made a dyno pull with my nitrous tune loaded to see how the a/f looked on it. Made 250 rwhp and 292 rwtq with the a/f right at 12:1. So with the same tune + 125 shot, it picked up 128 rwhp and 182 ft/lbs. Gotta love the torque!

Exhaust setup is Flowtech LT's with o/r x pipe and a Bassani catback.


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Apr 23, 2008
NC State University
Wow! That Lightning is impressive then. And they must be majorly underrated from Ford, as they are rated 360 hp, 440 tq. And that's what it made, on the wheels.

And that's quite a nice gain on your car! Especially the torque. I'm contemplating putting about a 50 hp shot on mine, just enough to get it out of the hole a little quicker with the stock stall converter and gears. Maybe...