Electrical A9l Replacements

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I think you're stuck with a reman. I don't think anyone makes a aftermarket stock ecu replacement. There are some good piggybacks and standalones, but I'm not sure if thats what you need or not?
The ignition system will generate a spark without the computer. If you have no spark, you have other problems.

Computers seldom fail, usually it is a sensor, wiring or actuator that has failed.
There are no new FORD OEM computers that are compatible with your car. Everything you will be able to get that is a direct substitute for your current computer will be a used unit.

1989 MANUAL A9L, A9S
1989 AUTO A9P, A9T
1990-92 MANUAL A9L
1990-92 AUTO A9P
1993 AUTO C3W
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