Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Setup

Hey guys I was wondering if this would be ok the way I have it setup...In the picture I have it mocked up on an extra set of stock fuel rails.

Now my question is, where the guage is placed is it ok to have it there. I am just wondering since that is the place where you normally relieve the pressure of the fuel rails.

One other thing is if you guys can direct me through the install of the FPR and what fuel pressure to set the regulator at.



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I've seen some like that....I was told there is a chance of fire due to the guage face cracking and spewing gas.........but I have seen pics on this site of the guage mounted there...........check with JT to see where his is...
Mr Dan,

My couple thoughts:

You very well might not have room with the rails installed to fit that gauge in there like that. Even for the sporty shorty rail-mounted gauges, sometimes you gotta get an adapter and stuff so the gauge isnt touching anything.

Issue two is that rail mounted gauges can get stress cracks. It's just something to consider. Note that I can't see your gauge too well so some of this might not apply. And for a rail mounted gauge, you will want it liquid filled. Otherwise the reading can be kinda useless (the fluid inside the gauge dampens the needle and prolongs the life of the guts).

Anyhoo, I'd consider those couple of things and I think you're lookin good Dan.
Good luck with the project. Oh, if you want to remote mount the gauge, see if you have any industrial hose supply stores around. You can normally get a hydraulic hose that is sufficient for fuel for quite a good price compared to braided line.

Good luck.
If it useful for you i will show the gauge i installed on the fuel rail:


It is This one and i installed it with a 90 bent NPT 1/8 ( if i remember correctly) sealed with liquid teflon, looks tight but nothing its touching it , and no single leak or whatsoever and its easy to read :nice:


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i would only use a liquid filled guage under the hood...and also the schrader valve will have to be removed. to install the fpr remove old fpr and ensure the old o ring is removed from the rail and not stuck in the hole then install your new fpr ensuring you use a new o ring that should have come with the new fpr. tighten the bolts and install vacuum line. turn on ignition but dont start let fuel pump cycle while checking for leaks if no leaks are found crank car remove vacuum line at fpr and plug so you wont have a vacuum leak at the top of the fpr there should be a place within the bolt sticking out of the top for an allen wrench insert allen wrench and loosen locknut and turn while you watch the pressure guage and set pressure at 38-40 lbs. then tighten lockbolt ensuring you still have 38-40 lbs of fuel at the guage replace the vacuum hose and thats it....



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