Adjusting my clutch cable after engine install...


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Mar 9, 2000
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Okay, I ran through a search on this topic but could not find the conceptual detail I am looking for. When I did my engine install, I reinstalled my old flywheel/clutch and tranny to the engine and dropped it in. When I installed the the new clutch cable, I had to pry the fork pretty far to get it connected and there was plenty of tension on it when it was connected. After breaking in the engine, I started giving it a little more throttle, and I could feel/smell the clutch slipping. I gave the cable more slack at the firewall adjuster and it seemed to improve. I've been reading posts about pulling up on the self adjusting mechanism when there is too much slack but doesn't it sound like mines too tight? Did I neglect to release something? i.e. does the "self-adjusting" mechanism build up tension and you have to release something for a new cable install?
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Just to clarify, you run the stock quadrant and a FWA?

You do release the pawl from the quadrant so it 'forgets' its setting for a worn (stretched) cable. It might be worth a try, though if the FWA allows you do get some slack (so you know you where you are starting from), then you can dial the FWA out (tighten the cable, or turn the adjuster CC) a bit at a time to dial in a hair of preload.

Good luck bud (you keep getting stuck with me replying to your threads). :bang:
Actually, its the a Steeda quad and FWA I bought about 6 years ago. Its a brand new cable. Is there any setting at which the cable could actually be attached to the clutch fork and quad and have no tension on the cable, or is there some tension even on the greatest slack?
The only adjustment on that Steeda should be which hook you have the cable on. If it is too tight, I would see if you can drop the cable down a hook.

I didnt use that quadrant so I cant comment. When I did a new quad, I barely had an RCH to get the cable onto the fork with all slack dialed out (this was new oem cable, single hook quad and FWA). But it did go on without having to press the fork at all (you shouldnt have to pry the fork at all IMHO).

I'd check out the quad setting.

Good luck.