Advice On 1966 289 Upgrades


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Feb 17, 2016
I have a 1966 289 mustang. I want to make somewhat of a street/strip car out of it. I want everything to look like it would have back then when just looking at it but have more power under the hood. My original plan was to use the stock lower end and put AFR 165cc heads, edelbrock RPM performed intake, idk what cam yet, and holley 600 cfm carb. there are other things I also want to do but these are the big ones on the motor. any input on this set up or other suggestions. all are welcome and appreciated
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SN Certified Technician
Apr 27, 2001
Cincinnati Ohio
There is a ton off things you can do to beef that 289 up and many different opinions will probably come from this board. Stroke it to a 331 or 347, roller cam, electronic ignition.
AFR 165s are very good heads and probly a little better than Edelbrock Performer RPMs but if you use the performer RPM intake I would stick with Perfomer RPM heads because they are dyno matched and port matched right out of the box. I think Edelbrock may even sell a whole dyno matched package? Not saying the 165s wouldn't go well with that intake but do some research, there may be a better intake choice for those heads.