Electrical Advice on lower steering column bearing

I may not have this in the right thread under electrical but this was all I could see that similar. I need a little help with the lower steering column bearing looks like someone had tried to replace it but never finished it I'll attach a picture. Just want to get some advice on the best way to install the new bearing thank you. I found a thread under Motor Trend for the upper but it's the lower that I need help with.

I don't think the picture really shows it but it looks like the previous owners attempted to put a new bearing on and couldn't get it all the way fitted so this is where I really need advice I'm assuming I'm going to have to remove the steering shaft for better access any advice would be very much appreciated.


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I wasn't sure either I looked at my 90 GT and my 92 coupe and all I saw was the retainer which you can see in that picture at the bottom just sitting there. If you can look at that would be great I'm aware of the one on top and I think that's what they were originally trying to replace and left the bearing on the bottom probably because it got stuck. I'll attach a better picture it may show the retainer which is pretty like a tooth shape oval.


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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Ok, looked last night and that is a bearing retainer, there IS a lower bearing inside the tube, I'll have to find out how it comes out but I imagine it just pops out but I'll consult my magic book today.


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The picture just shows the lower column boot to the firewall
That little bearing in there does absolutely nothing but squeek once in a while
Lube it with Ford polyurethane grease and be done with it
Turn the camera around and shoot up the bottom of that column and you will see the other bushing/ bearing
Thank you General Karthief I appreciate your help I was able to look at one of my parts as well and I did see the lower bearing tucked up into the sleeve. Looks like the original owner may have tried to get that in there and couldn't. So what I'll have to do is end up taking the shaft out to get the bearing press back in all the way up the sleeve.

Yes Manic Mechanic that bearing was never pressed all the way up into that sleeve it looks like they tried and then just stopped there is a retainer that has teeth that's supposed to hold that in as well which is at the very bottom of the firewall boot in the picture. I did look up that sleeve and saw that the bearing was missing. Thanks for your reply.
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Thanks General Karthief for your response I did look up in there and the bearing is missing it's halfway down the shaft looks like somebody started putting it on but didn't get it all the way fully seated so I will save that for another day to remove the column and press the bearing all the way seated.