Advice on serpentine belt squeek


New Member
Jun 7, 2004
I have not done pulleys (yet)...the darn sound just started and gets louder with more revs and at idle is barely audible. sprayed some belt dressing stuff on and got better for a few seconds then right back. Not sure if driving through torrential rain/puddles the other day may have something to do with it. Anybody have suggestions? Also, if I replace the belt where do I find the belt configuration schematic? Thanks in advance
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The same thing happened to my 96 cobra. It just started out of nowhere so i replaced the idler pulleys and it helped, but it was still there. Onced i replaced the belt it was gone. I'd recommed replacing the belt first and see if that helps. My belt looked fine, but the new one fixed it. Plus its alot easier to replace the belt, than replace the 2 pulleys.
I appreciate the advice...When I spritz it(the belt) with water the noise stops and after a couple minutes it comes back....must be the belt. Only 13,000 miles on it so you gotta wonder how that could be?