AFR head rocker stud snapped!!!


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May 7, 2006
hi guys...i bought the AFR 165's for stud mounted rockers.....i ran the car for about a month with this new combo and then had to park it because i "thought" i blew the engine..meaning it had a BAD rod knock....well 3 months later i decided to start pulling the engine to be rebuilt. So i took off the valve cover and one of my rockers is laying there!!! I guess the knocking noise was the pushrod coming up and whacking my valve cover. The stud that the rocker was bolted to snapped because of a bad casting! I thought these were supposed to be good quality is this about?!!? Anyone ever have this happen before??
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happened to me also.... I had to order longer rocker studs. I didnt have many turns left when I tightened them down. They were a little short for the roller rockers. I believe I ordered a set that were a 1/2" longer
I've also heard of this happening before. AFR put the wrong length studs on not leaving enough length for the adjusting nut. If you pick up a set of the ARP's for those heads that should fix your problem. Hopefully your engine didn't get hurt bad. Good luck
Same thing happened to me...

I was on the way back to Illinois form PA and snap! Thank god it was on the intake side.

I replaced all of the studs with a set from ARP. No problems since.
Usually it happens on heads with a heavier spring added, I also wish AFR used a higher quality stud since this is not all that un common. Most of the time the length is OK, but I have used longer studs from SPS and ARP.

Upgrade them all to a set of ARP's
Just a note to the people. Before you put any heads you buy (especially used heads) replace the studs with a new set of ARP's unless they have new ones installed. I replaced my studs with new arp ones even though they visually looked essentially new. Besides they are only like 20-25 bucks. Not that the head manufacturers mean to give inferior parts, but they are in the business of making as much money as possible and certain quality risks are taken to save production costs. Let AFR know about your problem and I am positive they will make it right.
thanks for the replies guys....but yea well i called AFR to see what the deal is about this. So i guess they are sending me out all new "upgraded" rocker studs..not sure what the upgrade is but hopefully this will never happen again...but on the other hand im sooo glad it is not a rod knock, plus now i have a bunch of extra money to spend since i was saving for a rebuild.