Aftermarket Fan Questions


New Member
Feb 7, 2004
Oceanside, CA
Hey guys. Another question for my cooling system that I have to deside on before making my crosscountry trip to Cali. I bought a Flex-a-Lite fan P/N: 150. It seems easy enough to install but the only thing I'm worried about is bypassing relays and sensors without throwing fault codes into the computer and my cooling system, performance, or emissions suffering from something I did. Anyone installed this fan or know exactly which wires in the CCRM to splice into so this fan can be controlled by the computer? It can run independently with it's own built in controls but with the stock connectors disconnected from the OEM fan and shroud, I know it's gonna throw faults to the computer. Plus the fan (aftermarket) has it's own sensor to press into the radiator so it can detect coolant temp. Will I be able to use that in the place of the stock coolant temp sensor so i can get readings on the dash gauge? Any info and suggestions will be welcomed. Thanks in advance guys!


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