air/oil seperators anyone?

Ok..I have determined I am getting a decent amount of oil into my intake from the pcv system and I am not about to pay 60 bucks I don't have for the steeda unit..someone said that wally world has the sep for like 8 bux with the air my question is what other parts will I need? can I simply cut my line and place it inline with some small hose clamps? Do I only need one for the passenger side? Or does my 4.6 have a pcv on the driver side also? (haven't had a chance to look yet) any information would be great! Thanks guys! :hail2:
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Here's a little help from the airplane world.If you can raise the end closest to the intake tube this will help.I gives the oil a chance to condense onto the walls of the tube and will run back toward the engine.You can add a piece of rubber hose to give you more length on the pvc tube.You can even use some of those copper pot scrubbers and stick some into the hose.This helps the oil to condense by giving it something to condense onto.You want to use enough to collect oil but not enough to restrict the flow of air.Secure it in the hose with a wire brad at each end of the pot scrubber.Thats basically all the store bought separators do anyway.
I'm looking into doing this myself. I can find the water and air seperator but I'm not too sure what size fittings I'll need on each end when I slide the PCV tubings onto them. I believe the fittings are called barbed fittings. What the guy said above is true as well. Some lift will help the oil from even making it through the tube.
Seems to be a worth while way to solve the problem ...don't really want to try the trick described above tho bc I am affraid something will get sucked up or something knowing my luck (no luck but bad luck) lol...if anyone has any info on the fittings that would be great..really need to take care of this if I can :nice:
you'll probably want a longer hose so you can mount the seperator against the firewall. you'll also need to fab some kind of bracket to hold it. i've got one, just haven't installed it yet.