Air Silencer Removel


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Dec 7, 2003
I recently removed my air silencer. Now can anyone tell me, does this actually add power? I've read postes where people claim that there is actually a loss of power because if it sucking hot air into the intake. In my opinion I really can't believe the temp is that much diffrent then then temp there the silencer sucks air, any views?
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not really a big difference, if any. I never noticed anything when I did it. It probably won't cause any difference in intake'd be getting air from a 8" difference in locations.......think about it
My opinion is best summed up by quoting a famous wrestling star "It doesn't matter!" If anyone really wanted to know the difference they would test it with a dyno run. Unfortunately the difference is so minuscule that its not worth wasting your time. The only reason I left mine off before I got my CAI is becuase it sounded different.
I think the sound alone is worth the time to take it out.
Let's face it it only takes like 2 mins to take out.
It turned my check engine light on. So, I whent over to
a friends house and we used a programer to delete the
problems. It runs fine now.
it sounds better with it off and it's not any differacne in air temp lees you sitting in traffic for 2 hours on a 90 degree day, with no air comming in under the hood...
03CrazyStang said:
I removed mine... and then put it back on along with a custom ram air system...and when i rev it up you can feel it sucking the air in...its niiice

I've read about making a ram air for it, what did you use to make yours, do you think it actually works?
if you do it on both sides then it's more noticable but make sure you use a double ended filter so it can take in air from the fender while it's not moving too fast...