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Jun 28, 2013
A local pick and pull yard in my area has a good selection of cars and truck to scavenge from. I hear forum members here taking about 3G alternator upgrades. Is this something I can do by scavenging parts from other vehicles? If so, which model years and models are good donors?
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Why can't you use your original harness,instead of having to buy a 4gage wire and etc.

Because the original harness is a fire hazard with the stock unit, and cannot handle the added amperage. Spend the money for the correct wire with a 150 amp watertight megafuse holder. Is your car not worth $40 to do it right?

Any 94-95 Mustang- V6 or Gt 3g alternator will fit. All that is needed is some minor trimming of the alt bracket. Picked one up from my JY for $30 and it is running fine a year later. If you want a new one, buy one online from Advanced Auto with the code TRT30 and you are about $80 for the alt. Add another $40 for the correct wire kit and you are done. Bought mine from a guy on the Corral, already crimped with everything needed, except an additional 4g ground wire which you also need to add.

Follow Jrichker's links for proper install.
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Why can't you use your original harness,instead of having to buy a 4gage wire and etc.

The two 10g wires in parallel are not large enough to handle the potential current from a higher output alternator. High amps through undersize wire creates heat. Hot wires create fire sometimes.

Look into 6G alternators. Smaller case, more compact, same wiring, newer. Comes from a 2004 V6 Mustang. It's only 105A, but you don't need 130A on a Mustang unless you are running some crazy stereo system or 9 TV's. My daily driver G35 has a 120A alternator, and it runs way more electrical equipment than the average 5.0 fox.
I bought the kit from LMR that had the 4g power cable. Damn that's a fat muther. Everything's in and charging great!
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