Aluminum radiators and E-Fan combos


Sep 30, 2007
I need a new radiator and I'm looking to upgrade to a Champion aluminum radiator. The core on the Champion is 2". The OEM radiator measures 11/4".
I currently have a Taurus installed inside the factory Mustang fan shroud. I am concerned that with a 2" core I will not have enough room between the water pump pulley. I would like to see if anyone can show me some pics of give me suggestions of their aluminum radiator and e-fan setup.
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i have the frpp rad and a taurus fan on mine, had to sit the fan motor a bit to one side to clear the w/p snout, but it works. used the run the stock fan/shroud with this rad as well.

Thanks for the setups and input. I guess my next big question is the overflow tank. The Contour fans might be the ticket for me. I have one of the newer 2SP DCC fan controllers, I would have to email him unless someone else knows if it's able to run the 2 fan Countour setup.