An old pic


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May 16, 2002
Savoy TX
Well, not real old, but about 14 years ago.

This pic is of my 68 back in about 96 or so when it belonged to my brother. I'm the goofy looking 14 y.o. inside of it. This was about 3 years before it got smacked, and about 4 years before it became mine. I've had this car for more than a 3rd of my life now, and it's appearent that it's not going anywhere for a long long time.

I wish that when I had the fender aprons, radiator support, and exterior front clip pieces replaced, that I would have just had the body parts paint matched to the rest, because the car really would've looked good. But I was a stupid kid when I did that, so I just primered it.:rolleyes:


I actually have pics of everything I did to this car, from the day I got it when it was smashed up. Maybe one day I'll scan them all and post a thread here. This car was a 200ci with a 3 speed. Now it has a 351w with TFS heads, XE 284 cam, T5, disc conversion and 5 lug swap.
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