analize my times, help please


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KJ Hoppus

New Member
Mar 18, 2003
Elk Grove CA
My runs tonight

60' ___________2.296____2.310____2.314____2.115____2.142____ 2.138
330' __________ 6.364____6.252 ___6.331____6.048____6.084____5.999
1/8 mile_______ 9.651 ____9.464____9.583____9.250____9.307____9.153
1/8 mile trap ___75.643___77.341___76.499___77.548___76.761___78.160
1000' _________12.437___12.204___12.343___11.984___12.041___11.853
1/4 mile________14.814___14.548___14.699___14.316___14.367___14.171
1/4 mile trap ___95.839___96.975___96.564____97.540___97.497___96.028

What do you think??? The weather wasn’t very good. It was hot, low humidity, pressure was around 29.70-73

I had a hard time getting traction even after a long burnout. It’s probably my springs. I also had full weight including about 25lbs extra, but pretty much a stock 98 GT auto weight /w out ac crap. I also had over half a tank off gas. Started off the night with 3/4 tank. The last run was the fastest and I hit the brakes at the end to try and win. I think I slowed down a 2 mph and a tenth or 2. The car will see 13s with 1/4 tank and a 2.05 or less 60. I have stock 3.27s in the rear and a transgo shift kit set on the second setting. I can chirp second. I know I need a stall converter. I have 4.10s at home, but im waiting to do my whole rear end. I think I should be over 100mph in the traps and in the high 13s with my mods but I don’t know what could be wrong.

Also I have a v6 fuel tank and pump. I don’t think im having any fuel supply problems, because it doesn’t ping at high rpm and there is no drivability problems. If anyone knows what the specs on a v6 pump compared to a gt pump is let me know. I want to dyno the car and see the curves and a/f ratio just to make sure.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

MODS: 98 GT auto 3.27TL

PI headswap, intake spacer, ported plenum, ported 70mm tb, mac upper CAI, k&N filtercharger on end of stock maf. Ac delete, steeda pullies & t/a (timing at 10 or 11), 91 octane, 160* thermo, Screamin demon coils, livewires, double platinum plugs, frpp cc shorty headers, Mac o/r xpipe, Flowmaster Catback, transgo shift kit, mac control arms, cgs subframes, mach 1 tokico shocks and struts, eibach sportlines, brembo rotors, hawk pads, cobra hood, 275-40-17 BFG drags (bald) on 17-9 bullits.
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