Annoying Sound Coming From Engine?


New Member
Sep 28, 2020
Hello, this is my first time posting an issue that I'm having with my
2005 Mustang GT. Here goes. I decided to install a set of BBK shorty
headers and when I accelerate I hear what sounds like an exhaust leak
coming from the passenger side of my engine? However, I've installed
three different types of Header gaskets and I still hear the same sound
under acceleration? There is No sound when at idle. I've also installed
all new bolts and they are all still tight as well as all the connections of
the exhaust system. Could someone Please tell what this sound could
possible be other then an exhaust leak? This has me every perplexed
and is driving me crazy. I would definitely appreciate any help.
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Have you checked the other end of the header for leaks?
Can you provide a recording or better description for the sound?
A listening hose or mechanic’s stethoscope should be helpful here.