Another Guy With A First Mustang


New Member
Oct 16, 2013
I have always been a GM guy. A few days ago I went shopping for my first pony car. I guess I wanted a car I could not afford when I was young. I was favoring a Camaro as my first choice, but wanted to look at each of the big three's offerings. I looked first at the challenger and it just did not do anything for me. I was saving what I thought was the best for last, the Camaro, so I went to a Ford dealer next to look at the Mustang. The dealer had a still new 2012 V6 Premium with the six speed manual on the lot. I took the car on a test ride and fell in love with it. I never made it to the Chevy dealer, I bought the Mustang. I have never had so much fun driving a car. So I am signing up for this forum as a newly converted Mustang fan.
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