Another how fast will i go.....please guess


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Feb 25, 2006
ok guys, my motor blew up in my car and i am building a new one, how fast do you think it will go in the 1/4 as long as the driveline holds together N/A and on the juice??? Also horsepower guesses..... are 10's possible 400-425 horse N/A:shrug:

DSS level 20 block
Main girdle with ARP studs
Eagle 4340 forged 3.00 inch crank
Eagle 4340 forged H beam rods
Mahle .030" Forged pistons
Lunati .560/.576 lift .300/.310 duration cam
Harland Sharp roller rockers
Edelbrock Victor Jr. Heads
Edelbrock Victor EFI intake
Edelbrock water pump
Edelbrock Cold air kit
BBK 75mm throttle body and spacer
24lb injectors
Underdrive Pulleys
Electric fan
MSD pro billet distributer
MSD 8.5mm Wires
MSD 6al Ignition
MSD rpm activate window switch
Edelbrock nitrous Kit 175shot
3.73 gears
Spec stage 3 clutch
Pete Jackson noisey gear drive
clevite 77 bearings

I think that's it....
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Just wondering.... why are you going to spend the money on a forged short block and stop at a 306? If you are going to drop the money for a forged rotating assembly why not go with a 331 or 347? I think your combo would run better that way. I also think you have too much duration on you cam for a 306 unless its a track only car. You did not say what the LSA of the cam is, but I would guess low 11's on the motor with say 4.56 gears turning it to 7500 or so.
depends on the weight of the car and suspension/tires.
I think with the 306 combo you should get the 400hp mark in the RPM you are wanting. Bit I have to agree with Redrooster, why not go with a 331 or 347 with the same compression and have the torque to get you moving and then let the HP run the numbers you want.

Remember though, it's not all about HP to run good numbers, suspension has allot to do with with it also. I would say with a 331/347 with your combo above and decent suspension(traction:nice: ), you should be able to put out some decent times.
I'd get 30/36s. 24s ARE too small for a 7500rpm engine with a Vic. JR head/intake. You're gonna need some 4.10/4.30s for that, too. Low-end is going to suck balls. Hope it's track only.