Another seat swap thread...


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Jul 24, 2006
Choctaw, Ok
I plan to replace my 91 GT seats with a set of leather seats from a 01 GT. I know they fit, bolt right in, sit an inch higher etc. What I do not know; what wires need to be connected in oder to make the power seats work. I have power lumbar wires from the 91 and the pigtail from the 01.

I have done a search and found that all I need to do is tie the Black and Green together and I will have power. Is this correct? Has anyone else completed this swap and could possible provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to do this? I cannot seem to find the wire diagrams for either seat on the net. If someone had those that would be great as well.

Any useful information will be greatly appreciated,
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I put front seats from a 03 Cobra in my 93 lx. They bolted right up. I removed the seat belts and the lap belt guide from the new seats. The new seats should be 6 way powered, so you can adjust the height of the seat. There's a thread where I got the wiring change here. It worked out fine. Good luck.
Here's the picture of the wiring that I used.



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Your stock wiring is one power and one ground, use a test light (its hot ignition off). I'm not sure about 01 GT seats but they should have
-one ground (black)
-one wire that is smaller than the others for the seat belt warning
-either one or two large power wires (same size as ground, just not black) for the power seat. They are likely just onepower wire since they don't have lumbar/bolster adjustments.

Just did this also with 03 Cobra seats, once you see the 01 seat wiring it should be obvious.
Thank you for the information. I am going to swap them out tomorrow and will try to do a write up about it since there are not many floating around out there.

Thanks again,

LOL! I've been saying I'm planning to put together an article on my front & rear seat swap (that is my wiring jumper pic above), but I just haven't found the time to do it!

Good luck on it.