Another Trouble Shooting request...

I've read, I've searched, I've played with different things.

Car has a small miss it seems to have developed.

88 GT basically stock. Have put on X pipe (no cats) FMS shorties, and a new cat back. Removed smog pump. New o2 sensors

Recently changed rotor, distributor cap, plug wires, plugs, and coil. Checked timing, dead on 10*, new fuel filter.

Pulled codes believe they were 40 44 94 34.

Did cyl balance test, came back as passed. Pulled plugs individually, all are firing. Checked plug wires 3 times to make sure firing order is correct.

Still has a small miss to it.

Now, I find out, I left my car over at sisters house. Brother and law and I had been chasing a small exhaust leak, or what we thought was an exhaust leak. Find out, after I left, He took the intake off and sprayed a little tranny fluid into intake to make it smoke. Found one of the exhaust clamps not completely tight.

Anyways, could this have fouled the new o2 sensors??? It does smell as though it's running rich upon start up.

Any other ideas?

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5 Year Member
Feb 18, 2009
Make sure the EGR valve is clean around the pintle area and not holding it open. You have an EGR code that indicates the pintle may not be seated correctly.

Also take the 10 PIN connectors apart and clean them. Make sure the contacts make good connections.
Ya I did a cyl balance test, it came back as passed. So I'm thinking now, maybe it's my ear.

Though another weird part, we filled our tank on sunday, it seemed to go kinda quick. If it was filled (though 16 yr old son did it, so maybe he goofed) we averaged 6 MPG. Uhmmm...something isn't right.

Checked vacuum, and it's pulling 18" at idle.

Hooked vacuum up to EGR, pulled 5" and it died.

Hooked it up to the line itself going to the egr, goosed engine to 2500, got nothing. So will have to chase that down I guess??