Any advantage to a 93 cobra engine??


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Sep 5, 2001
My friend who works at the JY called me to come look at a mustang engine, said someone had looked at it and said it was a Corba engine from a 93 model, I noticed it had the black steel valve covers, we pulled one of the covers and sure enough it had crane roller rockers. The engine would need a rebuild I would assume since a few of the freeze out plugs are gone. Are the heads themselves worth anything?? I have a prefectly good bottom end ready to go, trying to piece some cheap items together for my next project
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It has GT40 iron heads and 1.7 roller rockers...aside from the intake and a crappy '94 Thunderbird 5.0 cam, it's the same as any 5.0 HO. If you can't get it for cheap, you would arguably be better off with an Explorer 5.0.
other than the exploder prolly being cheaper, I would say the cobra is better. you will still have to change the cam in the exploder, the oil pan, remove the DIS, blockoff plate and flywheel.

if the cobra motor is untouched it has the added bonus of the rr's and 24lb injectors. snag the maf and ecu and you will be a step ahead of the explorer motor without having to change a bunch of parts.
Dumb question: What is so special about the exploder motor's? :shrug:

Both the heads and intake are comparable to the cobra stuff; in fact, the GT40P heads on the explorer motor are probably a bit better (untouched) than the cobra GT40's. Combine this with the fact that they can be found very cheap, it has made them pretty popular.
the gt40ps have a slighy advantage over the non P heads. but the plug angle scares people away.

the P heads are underated and can make some nice power. AFAIK the P heads are the best flowing production head ford made for the SBF.

and the cobra engine has gt-40 heads and cobra intake. swap the cam out to a mild cam and it should wake up. the stock cam in those is good for drivability but there is power to be had with those heads and intake.

what i dont understand is why ford didnt run the gt-40 heads on all mustangs. lol
Dumb question: What is so special about the exploder motor's? :shrug:

Well the P heads are slightly better than the non P heads...but the catch is the header issue...hence the "arguably better" comment. Some people make the header issue out to be a big deal, even though the P heads make more power and are worth having over the non P heads.
I don't think the Cobras come with Crane rockers. I thought they were Ford's own 1.72's??

Black VC's don't mean much. My VC's are from a 94-95 and they are the black steel versions like on the Cobra.

Does it have the 24# injectors, GT-40 heads, Cobra Intake, 65mm TB and Cobra EEC??

Was it even in a Cobra?

Keep in mind there were only 5000 Cobra's made, so true Cobra 5.0 engines are hard to come by, but the parts can be put on a regular 5.0 easily and passed off as one. Can't tell you how many "Mustang with Cobra engines" i've seen that are nothing more than a stock 5.0 with a Cobra intake on it